Les bureaux VIDAX

Software development company
We are coders.

We are your international partners in Ukraine.

We are instantly able to  scale your production capabilitiesand offer you a  competitive advantage in your local market.


A long term relationship

We accompany the creation and development of your future product offerings and facilitate the growth of your business.

We innovate together

We help you come up with the product offerings that will make up your business of tomorrow.

Help that fits your needs

We manage the human resources and build a team for the amount of time your project needs.

Sales support

Need help getting that contract? You need a presentation to bring a potential client on board? We can help with this.

Meet us :

Let's meet and build your business offering of tomorrow together.

( Skype: Vidaxphone, Whatsapp, Viber +380 (66) 821 8205. )

Our Services

  • System Administration System Administration Managing servers for very high traffic sites. We make your server infrastructure evolve at the same speed as your business and plan for the future with you.
  • Conception and development of business applications Business applications Let's collaborate together on these projects that seem complicated to you. By leaving the code to us, you will be able to concentrate on tasks that generate growth for your business.
  • Creation and maintenance of E-commerce sites. E-commerce Sites We build or take over the maintenance of your E-commerce site and accompany you from creation to marketing and search engine optimization.


Vidax News

David! Our Sys-Admin is dead, we have no access to our websites. David! Our Sys-Admin is dead, we have no access to our websites.

You have no idea how much damage two senior Ukrainian sys-admins can do to a badly maintained server in very little time (within the confines of the Law of course)