Qui sommes nous ?

Who are we?

We are the extension of your company.

We have a dedicated English speaking team in software development entirely managed in Ukraine and built for our English speaking clients around the world.

Our ambition:

A long term collaboration that allows you to stand on our skills so you can concentrate on the tasks that generate growth for your business. We are capable of taking your digital projects in hand from conception to maintenance.

Why work with us?

  1. Ukraine has the  highest concentration of IT experts in Europe. We have the best coders. 
  2. An exceptional service with a competitive price.
  3. A European management, veteran of the American Silicon Valley. 
  4. Ukraine is nice to visit. Life is beautiful here. Come meet us. You will be suprised!


Reasons to outsource:

  1. Reduce your use costs:
    Grow your competitive edge over your local market. Make use of the Ukrainian hourly rates and free yourself from extra social costs. 
  2. Free up your internat resources:
    Give your collaboraters the means to concentrate on the tasks they excell at.We take over the work load that keeps your company stuck.
  3. Overcome the shortage of tech talents:
    You need talents? We have them. We are localised in the epicenter of talent resources in Europe. Ukraine is the best outsourcer of talents in the european economic community, far ahead of Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Russia.
  4. Concentrate on the main functions of your business:
    Give a new breath of growth to your business by delegating the execution of demands you are struggling to meet. The clients that come asking us for help often have too many demands and/or have too few human resources to satisfy the existing clients and have opportunities slipping through their fingers. If you are in this situation, from conception to release of the development project, we are capable of getting you out of the impasse immediately.
  5. Accelerate the transformation of your business.
    Offer yourselves a team right away and get those contracts you never would have dared take yesterday. A mobile application development? A business application to deliver? Our multilingual team in Ukraine is behind you. Our multilingual team in Ukraine is behind you.

( Skype: Vidaxphone, Whatsapp, Viber +380 (66) 821 8205. )