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Vidax is an offshore digital services company based in Kharkiv in Ukraine. We also have representatives in Monaco and the Netherlands.

A development team in Kharkiv

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David Culot
Vidax is the second digital services company founded by David Culot in Ukraine in 10 years. More information on Linkedin
Chris Clavel
Monaco branch:
Business development, marketing more information on Linkedin.
Philip Cripe
American and French. Operations manager in Ukraine. Experience in coding, testing, supporting, managing multiple types of projects.
Project and client management, Vadym speaks fluent French, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
Project manager, Oksana speaks fluent English, French, Russian and Ukrainian
Full Stack front end developer, Css, html5, javascript, react JS.
Back end Dev, PHP, JS, Python, Ruby, C. Artem also works on microcontrollers for IOT projects.
System administrator. AWS management, auto-scaling, DB management, infrastructure architect
Back-end dev, PHP, NodeJS, JS, Blockchain. Expert on AWS, DB and Sys-admin. Bogdan started coding when he was 13. His talent and experience are -- scary --  :)
Front end developer, Css, html5, javascript, react JS.
Back-end developer, PHP, Python, DB admin, Sys-admin. Alexey is a Prestashop expert.
Front end developer, CSS 3, html5, javascript, PHP, Magento and Prestashop styles. "Changes everything".