System Administration

Competent system administrators and appropriate tools for administrating your servers.

We make your server infrastructure evolve at the same speed as your business.

Our ambition:

Insure and maintain the infrastructure of your business at an optimal performance level and cost while anticipating the future of your operations.

DevOps : sys-admins working to support operations:

Nowadays, you need to have multi-talented sys-admins , capable of understanding the needs of your business and of developers. We have the resources to imagine and set up your infrastructure cloud from scratch. A scalable architecture that accompanies your business or startup in its growth phase.

The situation: your online stores or your application are victims of their success and the servers are too slow and fail regularly?

The process: we listen to you, we give you advice, accompany you and put in place a stable infrastructure, extendible with reinforced security to support your traffic and technical needs. We stay with you, follow up and maintain your servers at optimal performance while keeping costs down. 

Our system administration offering:

A tailored infrastructure:

  • Audit of the performance of your servers and infrastructures.
  • Audit of the budget. Pay for the infrastructure that you need at the moment.
  • Audit of the security of libraries and updating them.

Security : firewall and certificates :

  • Starting with HTTPS certificates (Let’s encrypt or other certificates depending on the needs.).
  • Migrations and securing data.
  • Setting up automated systems and monitoring tools to keep an eye out for the good health of your infrastructure.
  • Evolving maintenance of you servers and keeping your libraries updated.
  • Quick interventions in case of problems.
  • Recommending an infrastructure capable of supporting the sudden rises in traffic of your site.
  • Preparing cloud infrastructures and setting up or updating environments.

Our technologies:

  • Automated deployment tools: Ansible, Docker.
  • Mastery of industrial cloud infrastructures: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, DO.
  • Mastery of cloud tools on AWS: DB2, EC2, Glaciere, RDS etc.. 

Our experience:

  • Setting up vertical and horizontal architectures on your high traffic sites. ( Load Balancers, Application Servers, Database Servers, Cache Servers, Storage Containers ).
  • Architecture for decentralised micro services.
  • Setup of hosting infrastructure for our agency clients.
  • Industrial experience with AWS.

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